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Liberty Maine is perhaps one of Maine's best kept secrets.  Home of beautiful Lake St.George.  Liberty is a close community filled with diversified inhabitants.  Liberty is located in the southwest section of Waldo County and is a small rural community that has a traditional village center.  Numerous hills, mountains and lakes are located throughout the Town.  Liberty's land area encompasses 25.9 square miles.  Liberty, Incorporated in 1827,  had a population of about 927 in 2012 .

Liberty's Lake St. George State Park provides an ideal spot to relax and cool off in the summer.  The Town also enjoys the Roberts Memorial Recreation Area and Marshall Shores. One of the more unusual attractions is the old octagonal post office, the only octagonal post office in the United States.  Other attractions are its diverse residents!

2013 Annual Report
         2014 Annual Town Meeting is Saturday March 29th
                                         9:00 a.m.
              at the Liberty Community Building
                                    (rt 220 south)
                     below please find the Town Warrant

2014 Town Meeting Warrant
                                                                  Public    Notice
                                                                      Town    of    Liberty
                                                               Public    Information    Meeting    
                                                       to    discuss    the     new    position    of 
                                               Administrative    Assistant    to     the    Selectmen
                                                             Monday,    March    24,    2014
                                                             Tuesday,    March    25,    2014
                                                                at    7:00    pm
                                            Liberty    Town    Office Overlock    Room
                                                         Public    is    welcomed    and    appreciated

Social Request Information Letter
2014 Social Request Applicants
Social Request Application Form